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 MacBook Pro Liquid Repair Experts 

⚡️ We Have The Highest Mac Liquid Rescue Success Rate ⚡️

⚡️ If We Cannot Repair Your Liquid Damaged Mac - Then No One Can! ⚡️

⚡️ Contact Us By Phone:  020 8503 3131   ⚡️   By email: [email protected]   ⚡️  Or select "Add To Quick Quote" 

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 Free Diagnostic Assessment 
For your peace of mind, we offer our clients a completely free, 100% no obligation and transparent Apple MacBook Pro diagnostic assessment.  

 How We Work
Once one of our team of Apple-qualified engineers has diagnosed your MacBook Pro, we will supply you with a detailed quotation and turnaround time. Should you be happy (we are highly confident you will be) and only upon your "go ahead" we will carry out the repair(s). 

 No Fix - No Fee - Guarantee - If We Can't Repair Your MacBook Pro, Then No One Can!
On extremely RARE occasions, our diagnostic assessment will deem a Mac "Beyond Economical" repair.  It is never nice news to receive, but honesty is our only policy. 

 Competitive Pricing
Being an independent retailer allows us to offer extremely competitive prices, saving you around 50% in cost. 

 Free Advice
Contact our friendly team for free, no obligation and completely transparent advice. With a combined team experience of well over 50 years, there is rarely a question we can't advise you on.

⚡️ Proudly Serving The UK Since 1979 ⚡️ We Hire Mac  •   We Repair Mac  •  Refurbished Mac


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