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Spilt Coffee/Wine/Liquid On Your Beloved MacBook?

We have all been there, so try not to panic but do take swift action.

1 - Remove your power cable (water & electricity do not go hand in hand)

2 - If your MacBook has not turned off - hold down the power key for 10 seconds until it does.

3 - Place your MacBook on a soft towel / similar - with the keyboard laying "keys-down" on the towel. The aim is to allow as much liquid to drain away as possible. 

4 - Do not reconnect your charger 

5 - Do not (no matter what) power back on.

Your next steps would depend on your own "tech skills" In this advice section we are focusing on people who do not have Mac Liquid experience and/or the tools required. 

6 - Speed is key to saving your MacBook from corrosion, the sooner you get your MacBook into a specialist, who works at a component level - the better for your Mac & your pocket. This is because the sooner a professional can open up your Mac and make an assessment - the less time there is for corrosion to spread and eat away at components. 

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